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          我是 學生 教職 員工 訪客 ENGLISH


          Posting for Faculty Positions

          Technion - Israel Institute of Technology manages the academics of a new university established in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China http://www.chemzr.com/en.

          GTIIT follows the academic model of the Technion campus in Haifa, Israel. It is dedicated to high quality research and education in both science and technology.  Courses will be taught in English.

          GTIIT has established undergraduate programs in Chemical Engineering (major) and Environmental Engineering (minor), Biotechnology & Food Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering.

          An undergraduate program in Mathematics (major) with Computer science (minor) is starting now (October 2020). A Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program which will include Tracks for Robotics, Mechanics of Materials and Energy as well as Chemistry undergraduate program are expected to start in October 2021-2022.

          Several fixed-term teaching positions (non-research) are available in all fields of science for the undergraduate program.

          A graduate program in these areas will also be offered in coordination with the Technion's Graduate School.

          GTIIT is also opening/establishing interdisciplinary Research Centers: Sustainable World Research Center, Science & Engineering in Health and Medicine, Robotics and Research Center for Advanced Theoretical Sciences. Its members are expected to develop vigorous research program and commit to high-level teaching, to initiate and conduct intensive state-of-the-art research, and to be involved in graduate students supervision and teaching of undergraduate courses.

          Tenure-track faculty positions at all ranks are now available for exceptional candidates, who will be appointed members of one of the teaching program and research center.


          Teaching Programs Research Centers
          Chemical Engineering Center for Advanced Theoretical Sciences
          Environmental Engineering Sustainable World Research Center
          Biotechnology & Food Engineering Science & Engineering in Health and Medicine
          Materials Science and Engineering Robotics Research Center
          Mechanical Engineering  
          Computer Sciences  

          GTIIT will offer generous start-up packages, fully equipped research laboratories, modern infrastructure and qualified technical personnel. Successful candidates will be offered generous compensation, convenient housing and family care facilities in the beautiful and newly constructed campus.


          Please send your CV, list of publications, research plan and teaching statements to the Search Committee at: gtiitrecruit@technion.ac.il

          CONTACT US







          郵編 :515063

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